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The Chef & philosophy


Experience the finest cuisine in Mauritius

At Royal Palm, gourmet food lovers will simply experience the finest cuisine in Mauritius.

The prestigious Mauritian hotel possesses three restaurants whose reputation has ventured far beyond the bounds of the Island. Indeed, the names Le Bar Plage, La Brezza and La Goélette are for many synonymous of a gourmet journey during their holidays in Mauritius. The three restaurants furthermore enjoy prime locations allowing you to contemplate the splendid view of the bay.

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Chef De Matteis

Inspired by the Chef Michel de Matteis, who mans the kitchen department since more than 10 years, the dishes are created with the utmost care and harmoniously combine local ingredients and imported ones. On the menus, local fruits and vegetables complement the fresh catches from the deep blue sea off the island and other premium products, all masterfully enhanced by herbs and exotic spices.

Caring service, meticulous attention to presentation details, Royal Palm seeks to remain a noble institution where tradition, quality and art of hospitality are cultivated.

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