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Mauritius: an exclusive getaway in the heart of the Indian Ocean

Discover the island of Mauritius situated in the heart of the Indian Ocean, a tropical paradise of 1,865 km2, internationally renowned for its hospitality standards, 800 kilometres east of Madagascar and a mere 11 hours flight from leading European centres.

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History and population

The strategic position of Mauritius on the former “Spice Route”, earned it the title of “Star and Key of the Indian Ocean”. Coveted by the different colonial powers of that time, the island has been successively colonised by the Arabs, the Dutch, the French and the British. Today, the island of Mauritius is one of the rare countries in the world where so many communities live in perfect harmony. The quality of its hospitality industry and the legendary generosity of its inhabitants has given Mauritius its reputation as an upmarket destination.


The official language is English; however, French and Creole are widely spoken. There are also several ethnic dialects.


Mauritius obtained its independence from the British Empire on the 12th March 1968 and became a Republic on the same day in 1992. The British model has largely inspired the Mauritian political system. Free elections are held every five years from which 70 members are appointed and form part of the National Assembly. The Prime Minister and his cabinet are entrusted with the executive powers whereas the President, who is the Head of State, occupies a more representative role. The island of Mauritius is a member of the Commonwealth and is also one of the members of the French-speaking organisations.


Until the 1980s, agriculture, particularly the cultivation of sugar cane, was the leading sector of the Mauritian economy. The country has since diversified its economy that now rests on three major pillars: textile, tourism and financial services.

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Mauritius enjoys a subtropical climate with temperatures that vary between 20° and 32°.

Flight access

Air Mauritius, the country’s very own international airline, together with other major airlines, links the island to the major European, Southern African, Asian and Australian ‘hubs’ with frequent daily flights.

Simplified entry formalities

The procedures for obtaining a tourist visa are relatively simple. It is however advised to ask for more information with the appropriate embassy, consulate or travel agency.

A safe island

Mauritius Island enjoys a stable social and political climate as well as a great freedom of press. Strict measures are applied for the import and export of plants, fruits and animals. There are neither poisonous animals nor endemic diseases. No vaccinations are therefore required for your trip to Mauritius.

Minor time difference

Its ideal geographical location (GMT +4) limits the time difference to only two or three hours from Europe.

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